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Lose Pounds Easily with the Ideal Protein® Plan

A favorite pastime for Dona and Dennis is taking off on their motorcycle.

Dona and Dennis Wright love to do everything together. Married 11 years, they met at work where they were both controllers in accounting. Now that they are retired, their days are filled with concerts, trips and motorcycle rides with the local Harley Owners Group.

In the spirit of togetherness, the couple took on another project last summer to complete as a pair: They lost weight through the Ideal Protein plan offered by Jeremy M. Gordon, DC.

Dr. Gordon is a chiropractic physician and clinic director at DeLand Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression. He offers comprehensive chiropractic care as well as weight loss with the Ideal Protein plan.

Dona was introduced to the Ideal Protein plan when she read an article about Dr. Gordon and Ideal Protein in Volusia Health Care News.

“My sister-in-law actually was on Ideal Protein and she lost forty-eight pounds,” continues Dona. “So when we saw the article in the paper, we said that’s got to be the same thing and made an appointment to talk to Dr. Gordon.”

Their decision was prompted because they were continually putting on weight. “I don’t know if that was because we were retired … we’ve been retired for only a few years,” says Dona.  “I think it’s just that through the years you put on a few pounds each year.

“We got to the point where enough was enough. We tried Nutrisystem®, but that didn’t work. We lost ten pounds but then put it back on,” she confides.

Being on the Ideal Protein plan would prove to be much more successful.

After their annual pilgrimage to Key West in early summer, they started following the plan and found that it was easy to follow.

“We went to our first meeting and weigh-in and coincidentally had tickets for the Rolling Stones concert at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando two days later,” notes Dennis. “We’re at the concert and everybody is tailgating and eating burgers and hot dogs and drinking beer and wine. We’re eating salads with chicken. We passed our first challenge right there.”

They were both pleased by the rate their extra pounds were disappearing. “As long as you follow the guidelines on what to eat and drink, the pounds come off quickly,” says Dona.

Personalized program

Unlike many weight loss systems, Ideal Protein is part of a comprehensive, personalized plan.

“Ideal Protein is incorporated into a customized program for patients,” Dr. Gordon says. “On average, most of our patients lose approximately twelve to fifteen pounds per month.”

Based on more than 25 years of experience and more than five million people in Europe and Canada – and now a large group of people in the United States – the Ideal Protein plan enables patients to achieve weight loss quickly without sacrificing muscle mass. The result: improved energy and appetite control, improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reduced blood pressure.

“Ideal Protein helps limit the amount of sugars and dietary fats coming in while providing a high-quality form of protein that is easily absorbed,” notes the doctor. “Whereas some plans merely restrict caloric intake so the body will burn fat, that will also burn some muscle. So people lose muscle mass while they’re on a lot of these diets. On the other hand, the Ideal Protein program focuses on helping people lose weight by burning stored fat while preserving lean muscle.”

Even better, the plan is not simply a substitute for normal food; it also transitions patients to overall healthier eating. They learn healthy eating habits and proper food combinations to allow them to maintain a healthy weight long term.


“There are four supplements that go along with the actual foods that they’re eating: a multivitamin, a potassium supplement, a fish oil and a calcium formula,” continues Dr. Gordon.

“We have to supplement because we’re removing most of the dairy, grains and fruits from their regular diet while they’re on the program,” he clarifies. “Those three food groups have a lot of mineral content, so we need to make sure patients still get an adequate, balanced amount of minerals. Consequently, we avoid muscle cramps or spasms and things of that nature.

“None of the supplements is like what you see with the different fad diets. There are no diet pills or stimulants in Ideal Protein. The Ideal Protein plan is focused on the body’s biochemistry and burning stored fat through eating properly and through proper nutrition. Ideal Protein teaches patients to eat healthy.

“What really sets Ideal Protein apart from most diets,” Dr. Gordon continues, “is the one-on-one coaching and support provided by our Ideal Protein Coach, Tracee Gmitro. She has been an outstanding addition to our Ideal Protein program. Tracee meets one-on-one with our Ideal Protein patients each week to help guide them on their journey to better health and wellness.”

Additionally, Dr. Gordon reports that he has installed a private workout and muscle toning facility for his Ideal Protein patients. “This enables patients to reserve the workout room for thirty minutes for their own private use, and eliminates the fear and discomfort that many weight loss patients have about going to a gym. They’ll be able to do some cardio and muscle toning up to five days per week in their own private room, all at no extra charge.”

Helpful Support

“The nice thing about this whole process is the support that you get,” assures Dona. “Tracee has [a class] she calls Ideal Living every week. She talks about different subjects, like how do you get through the holidays and what happens when you go to a party. You also get an email about various topics every day from Ideal Protein.

“You have a huge support group between Dr. Gordon, Tracee, Dr. Munson and the other people who are going through the program like you are,” she says.

Dona and Dennis also attended cooking classes offered at the clinic and learned more about nutrition through talks by Dr. Gordon.

“Both of us cook,” informs Dennis. “I probably cook more because we cook a lot of vegetables and lean meats on the grill almost every night.”

“I think that’s one of the things that was very helpful to us,” agrees Dona. “We were going through this together. We would both shop and then cook together with me making the salad and Dennis grilling.”

After: Dennis and Dona found the Ideal Protein plan easy to follow for losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

Both Dennis and Dona achieved impressive results in just a few months. Dona started at 157 pounds and reached 121 pounds. Her dress size fell from a size 14 to size 6.

“What’s interesting is you keep on looking in the mirror and saying, Oh my goodness, look how I’ve changed!” exclaims Dona. “It’s a great feeling to go out and buy new clothes. I’m purchasing clothes that make me look younger.”

Dennis’ weight loss totaled 68 pounds, bringing him down to 171 pounds. “The last time I weighed that much was probably forty-five years ago when I joined the Marines,” he chuckles.

“I had my fiftieth high school reunion in September and I had to buy all new clothes to go because nothing else fit. They were all too big,” he says. “I hadn’t seen most of the people in my class for many years. They thought I looked the same as when I was in school, except I now have grayer hair.

Dennis also has noticed the difference in the way he feels. “I didn’t think I felt bad before I lost the weight but I feel better now. I’m off my blood pressure medicine and my cholesterol medicine,” he reports. “I’ve noticed it’s much easier to do things like putting away Christmas decorations … climbing up and down ladders is much easier when you’re not carrying sixty-eight extra pounds.”

Both Dona and Dennis are appreciative of what they learned from Dr. Gordon and the Ideal Protein plan. They are enjoying life at a healthier weight.

“I would recommend Ideal Protein to everyone,” says Dona. “It’s so encouraging because you do lose the weight quickly.”

Results not typical. Weight loss results will vary for each individual.


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