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Chiropractic Care in Deltona for an Auto Injury

Considering chiropractic care in Deltona, FL for an auto injury? You will want to make sure the clinic you choose is managed by a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). A Doctor of Chiropractic, also known as a chiropractic physician, receives intensive education and training to examine, diagnose and manage any issues involving the nervous system, neck, back and spine. Our highly trained and educated professionals take a holistic approach to promote whole body wellness. Chiropractic physicians use the latest technology to correct spinal problems and relieve pain with non-invasive treatments and without prescribing medications.

When you are involved in either a fender bender or a collision, the sudden jolt can knock the delicate bones in your neck and back out of whack. You may believe that it was a non-injury accident because there are no visible external injuries, but some areas of your neck, spine or lower back may have absorbed much of the shock. Depending upon the severity of the auto accident, injuries to your neck, back and spine may be immediate, such as the case with whiplash, or the onset can take a few days or more. Sometimes you may not notice any spinal problems until several weeks later when you find it difficult to bend or move as usual. Having an examination of the neck, back and spine immediately after a car accident can spot and treat injuries before they develop into more painful or debilitating issues.

We have been helping patients seeking chiropractic care in Deltona for an auto injury for the past fifteen years. During the initial exam, the chiropractor will check to see if you have any pain, have a loss of range of motion or weakness in affected areas. The chiropractor makes gentle and precise adjustments to re-align your spine. By doing so, pain is reduced and your body is restored to normal function. In some cases, it may take several office visits for the chiropractor to complete the spinal adjustment process.

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