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Certified Nutritionist Available to Help Deltona Residents with Nutritional Counseling and Weight Loss Programs

Dr. Jeremy Gordon of DeLand Chiropractic has a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science and is a certified nutritionist serving patients in the Deltona, FL community. Dr. Gordon sees a lot of patients who have had nutritional counseling or have tried another weight loss program without much success. The reason most people have trouble with weight loss is because there is no one-size-fits-all program. Since every body is unique, each individual needs a program that is tailored just for them by a dietician and certified nutritionist. Individuals also need physician monitoring and support to ensure they are safely reaching their desired weight loss goals.

Our physician-centered approach revolves around you, our patient. Our certified nutritionist consults with each patient privately on an individual basis in our comfortable office in Deland. From your initial consultation you will be on your way towards finally being able to lose the weight you desire and keep it off permanently. Dieting doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your favorite foods or eat special “diet” foods. Our dietician and weight loss coach will help you create the healthy, satisfying and delicious well-balanced meal plans for you and your family using ingredients you already enjoy.  That’s right; you can lose weight and still eat your cake too.  And we will even give you healthy tips for dining out with family and friends so you can enjoy the lifestyle you desire. 

This physician monitored program is also ideal for patients managing diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, back pain or a number of other health issues. With our natural and sustainable weight loss program there are no fad diets, magic diet pills, fancy potions or prescription drugs. You don’t even have to count calories or restrict portion sizes! Plus, there are no vigorous or strenuous exercise routines to follow either. Simply follow your personalized weight loss plan and prepare healthy meals created by the dietician and stop by for regular follow-up visits. We also teach cooking classes to help you quickly and easily prepare fresh, great tasting meals like a chef.

Contact us at 386-337-3884 to schedule a consultation with a certified nutritionist in Deltona, FL and start your weight loss program today!



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