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Corrective Chiropractic care for spinal misalignments, postural issues, and sports injuries.

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"I tell everybody about the program because it really works."

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A non-surgical, drug-free approach to severe neck and back pain.

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A Testimonial Booklet Relaying The Experiences And Success Stories Told First-Hand By The Patients Of Dr. Jeremy Gordon.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss & Nutrition

Keira Espada

Keira Espada had been thin in high school, but when she stopped smoking, her weight began to climb. “I put on a good thirty to forty pounds over time,” she recalls. It was the start of a yo-yo pattern, a familiar ordeal for millions of Americans who endure repetitive cycles of shedding weight through dieting only to regain every ounce and more.
*Results not typical. Weight loss results will vary for each individual.

Keira Espada

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Rose Pendleton

Rose Pendleton's weight problem wasn't only about the way she looked; it was also about how she felt. "I had been heavy for quite a while," she confides. "My knees were giving me real problems, and I found that I was getting tired more easily." Eventually, Rose got a wakeup call: her weight was having a measurable effect on her health.
*Results not typical. Weight loss results will vary for each individual.

Rose Pendleton

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Sondra Wafler

After discussing her health and particularly her weight with the doctor, Sondra realized it was time to get serious about losing more pounds. "I knew that if I didn’t start doing something to lose some of this fat, I could have a stroke or a heart attack. I also have diabetes, so I needed to get my blood sugar down. I decided, Okay, I’ll try the Ideal Protein."
*Results not typical. Weight loss results will vary for each individual.

Sondra Wafler

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Dona & Dennis

Dona and Dennis Wright love to do everything together. Married 11 years, they met at work where they were both controllers in accounting. Now that they are retired, their days are filled with concerts, trips and motorcycle rides with the local Harley Owners Group.

In the spirit of togetherness, the couple took on another project last summer to complete as a pair: They lost weight through the Ideal Protein plan offered by Jeremy M. Gordon, DC.

*Results not typical. Results will vary for each individual.

Dona & Dennis Wright

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DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression

Casey DiSalvo

There were nights when Terri Beer couldn’t sleep because her lower back ached. An MRI had revealed a bulging disc in the lower region of her spine, but she was adamant that she wasn’t going to have surgery. Terri recalled reading about spinal decompression therapy. "I checked it out to see if it would help. And it really worked. It absolutely worked!" she enthuses.
*Results not typical. Results will vary for each individual.

Terri Beer

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Casey DiSalvo

Back pain was only a small component of the problems that a vehicular accident caused for Casimiro "Casey" DiSalvo, Jr. "I’m the survivor of a hit-and-run that left me with severe trauma to my lower back," he explains. Having already undergone major invasive surgery for his internal organ injuries, Casey naturally searched for a noninvasive solution to his low back pain.
*Results not typical. Results will vary for each individual.

Casey DiSalvo

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Anna Stadnick

"I was having steroid injections in my neck for bulging discs and also in the area where the sciatic nerve was being compressed," she recalls. "That gave me relief, but it was only temporary, and I know how dangerous steroids can be. I didn’t want to have any more injections." As a result, Anna searched for another solution, and she had a good idea of where she wanted to go.
*Results not typical. Results will vary for each individual.

Anna Stadnick

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Bob Urban

"All I did was get up from the dinner table, and the pain shot from my left gluteal muscles all the way down to my knee. It felt like a steel rod of pain that was about an inch thick – just the most severe pain you can imagine," he describes. Bob knew who to call for help: his chiropractor, Jeremy M. Gordon, DC.
*Results not typical. Results will vary for each individual.

Bob Urban

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Marjorie Savage

Marjorie Savage’s ordeal began last May with an aching shoulder that flared up during an event at DeLand’s Stetson Baptist Church, where she’s responsible for preparing meals as the food service director. Photo by Nerissa Johnson. “I was miserable during the entire event,” Marjorie recalls. “I sat there and kept moving my arm and holding it.” Sitting didn’t bring her any relief; in fact, it made the pain worse.
*Results not typical. Results will vary for each individual.

Marjorie Savage

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For the past few years, I have suffered from pain in my hands and arms. Tingling, numbness and lack of grip strength, which caused many sleepless nights. It was becoming very difficult to perform my job as a master technician and fabricator of high-end hot rods, and pursue my hobby of auto racing with my family. After countless visits to doctors and specialists, surgery to my wrists seemed to be the only source of relief from the pain. I was extremely hesitant to proceed with the surgery for numerous reasons.

Then I read an advertisement regarding a cold laser treatment by Dr. Jeremy Gordon. I thought maybe there is an option other than surgery. After meeting with Dr. Gordon and listening to his evaluation of my problems, I decided to proceed with his treatment program. Within weeks I noticed major improvements. The sleepless nights caused by the pain in my hands and arms subsided.  Twelve months have passed, and without any hesitation I can say that I am 90% cured, and this was without any medications or surgery.

To Dr. Gordon and staff:
Thank You!*

For a long while I felt my age, 66. I didn't want to accept it but then after a couple of visits to Dr. Gordon my quality of life changed for the good. I went backwards in age to 16. Now I play on the trails in my jeep and still feel good at the end of the day.
Thank you, Dr. Gordon.*

Dear Dr. Gordon,

I am just writing a quick note to thank you and share my positive experience under your care.  I recently moved to the DeLand area and was referred to you by a neighbor.

A few years back I had jumped in my pool and landed flat-footed, jamming my lower back.  After taking muscle relaxers, the pain from the injury subsided and I forgot it even happened.  Recently my daughter started kindergarten. I went to her cafeteria and immediately when I got up, I felt a stiffening. Need I mention that I am only 42 years old?  My daughter had a doctors appointment for a sports physical at a walk-in medical clinic, so I thought I would just see a doctor there ... no big deal.  The doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medications and said it should subside in a few days.  It only got worse, so I went back and had a lower back x-ray, lying down, which revealed nothing.  I mentioned to the MD about going to the chiropractor and she very much discouraged me from going.  Meanwhile, the pain got more intense and against my better judgment, I took more medication for relief.

After literally dragging myself out of bed and onto the floor, I told my husband that I was going to the chiropractor.  During this time I realized that it had been about four days since I had a bowel movement.

I got to Dr. Gordon's office and he took a weight-bearing standing x-ray of my lower back, which showed signs of a bulging disc in the area of my most intense pain.  After my first chiropractic adjustment, my bowel movements became regular again, and I had instant pain relief!!  I followed up with several visits, and I currently return on a monthly basis.  I continue to do my back stretching and weight training exercises that Dr. Gordon prescribed for me, as well as following an improved dietary plan for a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you so much Dr. Gordon for doing what you do, and believing in the healing power of chiropractic care.

I first met Dr. Gordon when my husband had back problems several years ago.  Dr. Gordon did a great job with him, and made his back strong again.

So, when I had a pain in my mid-back, I decided to visit Dr. Gordon too.  Dr. Gordon discovered that one of my ribs had popped out of alignment, and with his chiropractic abilities, he restored my back to as good as new.  I continued to visit Dr. Gordon periodically to help improve my overall posture.

Dr. Gordon, thank you for everything that you do!  Keep up the good work!*

When I first went to Dr. Gordon with carpal tunnel syndrome, it was so bad that it woke me up during the night with my arms and hand numb and hurting.  He adjusted my neck and hands and after a few visits it no longer bothers me or wakes me up anymore.

I also have 2 bone spurs on my right heel, and Dr. Gordon is currently working on them and they are feeling much better also.

In my opinion, he is one of the best chiropractors I know.  He cares about his patients and takes time with them.

Thank you Dr. Gordon,*

I committed to the treatments going 3 days a week, then to 2 days a week, then once per week until I no longer had any problem with lifting my arm for anything. I even began working out again and doing over 20 push-ups at a time. I really couldn't believe it! I am Truly Thankful that I received the treatments from Dr. Gordon and no longer have any problems with my arm.*

I lost the ability to open and close my fingers, and my hands and fingers were numb.  I took advantage of Dr. Gordon's offer of a Free Carpal Tunnel Examination and X-rays to diagnose the problem.

Dr. Gordon found that it was in fact carpal tunnel syndrome.  After a series of chiropractic adjustments to my hands and neck, I regained the use of my fingers and hands.  That was two years ago, and the problem has not returned.

If it ever does come back, I would certainly go right back to Dr. Gordon at the first sign of trouble.


As an active senior citizen, I consulted Dr. Gordon due to my increasing discomfort in my neck, lower back, foot, and newly acquired pain in my right thumb due to osteoarthritis.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child, but received no treatment for it.

After an MRI, it turned out that I also had spinal stenosis.  As an active tennis player, I thought my competitive days would soon be over.  I tried prescription medications, which gave me minimal temporary relief.

I heard that Dr. Gordon was doing wonderful work with pain management.  After several sessions, my neck, back, foot, and right thumb had improved to the point where I was playing pain-free and better tennis. Normal daily activities have also become much more comfortable.

As Hurricane Charley hit our area, I was afflicted by the awful condition Shingles. Dr. Gordon gave me a series of acupuncture treatments and nutritional supplements, which greatly decreased my pain and shortened the duration of the disease.

Dr. Gordon now keeps me healthy, as I visit him on a monthly basis.

Your grateful patient,*

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but my stepdaughter, Jennifer, who had seen him after an automobile accident, recommended Dr. Gordon to me. I'm a farmer and had been having some problems with my back for a year or so. I had difficulty sitting, driving long distances and during the hunting season of 2006 I had a problem with sitting for any length of time. Being a farmer, it became increasingly difficult to do my work, so the first of the year I decided to give chiropractic a try. Dr. Gordon recommended a program for me, and after 6 or 8 visits I began to see a significant change in my back. I have completed the program and am now pain free. I highly recommend chiropractic and have even recommended family members to Dr. Gordon*

My daughter, Jennifer Saul, was the first in our family to visit Dr. Gordon and highly recommended him. I have a bulging disk and was also having pain in my right hip joint. My husband, Ellis, recommended that I try Dr. Gordon's program since it had helped him so much. Sometimes my hip would burn and hurt terribly, and Dr. Gordon showed me exercises to help ease the pain along with adjustments. I have almost no pain now and have almost completed the program. I intend to keep having adjustments as a preventative and to hopefully keep my pain level very low. Dr. Gordon's office is a very professional, accommodating place, and I highly recommend chiropractic and wish that all my friends and family would give it a try when they have back pain. I think a person feels much better as a whole when they have adjustments.

One final note: Dr. Gordon was voted by his peers "Chiropractor of the Year for 2007," and I feel he truly deserved this award. He is a very professional, knowledgeable doctor.*

I went to see Dr. Gordon for the pain I was having in my neck. I could hardly turn my head. The pain was tremendous. I had gone to the Jewitt Clinic and had a series of shots and still had pain.

After being treated by Dr. Gordon a couple of weeks, the pain started becoming bearable. Now I only go once a month and am back to normal life. I can get on my tractor and have no pain when I turn my head.

Thanks, Dr. Gordon*

I have had degenerative arthritis in my lower back and neck along with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands for many years.

Every day I would start out with back, neck, and hand pains that would last most of the day. My hands would tingle and hurt so much from pain that it was difficult to grip a golf club.  That was devastating to an avid golfer such as myself!!

One day I saw an advertisement from Dr. Gordon's office stating that you can get relief from pain without dangerous surgery.  I made an appointment to have a consultation with Dr. Gordon.

Just after the initial phase of treatments, I felt relief from pain in my lower back, neck, and both hands. Now with only one treatment per month, I am able to live a full life almost pain free, thanks to Dr. Gordon.

I have told my success story to family and friends. Furthermore, I recommend that anyone who suffers from pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, take the time to visit Dr. Gordon's office and you will be very glad that you did!!

Sincerely, Robert Faustich*

Hi, my name is Tom and I'm writing this testimonial to let people know how Dr. Gordon has helped me. I suffered from a constant aching pain in my shoulder and numbness in my arm for over a year.

My wife had talked me into taking the day off and going to see Dr. Gordon.  Well, if you can believe it, after my first adjustment, my shoulder pain was better and I no longer had any numbness in my arm.

It's been over an entire year now, and I am still pain free!


After a serious fall in 1998, I needed surgery on both my right arm and right leg. I knew that since I was in my seventies, it would be difficult for me to recover, but I did, thanks to the professionals who looked after me.  Dr. Jeremy Gordon must be included in this group.  I first met and heard of Dr. Gordon when he gave lectures and health talks at the Cloisters (independent living facility) where I live.  I was impressed with what he said and made an appointment with him.  He took x-rays, and checked the flexibility of my joints and the condition of my bones.  He pointed out that my hips were in good shape, but that my neck needed adjustments to restore its alignment. He explained how important it was to overcome my limited range of movement in my neck, and to restore normal range of motion to the cervical spine. It required several adjustments, but it was well worth it!

Besides being an excellent chiropractor, Dr. Gordon is an excellent nutritionist and points out what foods and supplements each of his patients needs.  I always enjoy reading Dr. Gordon's monthly newsletters. As a senior citizen, I highly recommend Dr. Gordon and his methods of treatment for people in my age group.*

Dear Dr. Gordon,

One morning I woke up and my hand was numb.  I thought I had slept on it wrong and continued with my day.  Well, for the next few days I woke up with that sensation and then a shooting pain began to shoot down my arm.  I finally decided to see my doctor.  At first they thought I had some inflammation in my shoulder.  It did not go away.  To make a long story short, I went to a specialist and after running some tests, we discovered I had a degenerated disc in my spine.  Their solution was possible surgery. I began to consider surgery.  It started to get worse and my wife suggested I see a chiropractor before getting surgery.  I was reluctant, but she finally convinced me to go.

That is when I met you.  Boy was I happy that I did!!  You examined me and took x-rays, and immediately identified my problem.  You seemed to be the only person who had seen and dealt with my condition on a regular basis.

Did I feel relieved!!

You discussed my problem with me and my wife, and explained both the immediate and long-term treatment plan.  We started right away.  I felt relief right away, after just a few visits.  By the end of my initial treatments, I felt 100% better, and the best part was - NO SURGERY.

I continue my adjustments periodically on an as needed basis, but I am so thankful that I gave you a try.


I came to see Dr. Gordon because my neck, hands, and wrists were painful.  I was also having pains radiating through my arms.  Several months prior to coming to Dr. Gordon, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My medical doctor prescribed drugs that took care of the pain as long as I was taking them.  When it wore off, the pain was back and slowly became worse.  I was referred to a rheumatologist who prescribed a different drug, but with the same results.  I was also concerned about eventual side effects.

I've always believed in natural health, but I wasn't aware of how to find a good practitioner.  I saw an ad in the newspaper describing some of the symptoms that I had, so I called the 800# and received Dr. Gordon's information.  I decided to give Dr. Gordon a try.

Dr. Gordon thoroughly evaluated me, took x-rays, and then explained my diagnoses.  He patiently explained and instructed using my x-rays, comparing them to normal ones.  I had been to a chiropractor before for my neck, but he never took the time to explain anything.  Dr. Gordon also suspected carpal tunnel syndrome for which he applied therapy on the carpal ligament without having to do surgery.  While following his regimen and taking the natural supplements that he prescribed, my neck and wrist pain gradually improved to where I only need to take an occasional ibuprofen for my rheumatoid arthritis.  I am still basically drug-free.

I cannot claim that rheumatoid arthritis can ever be cured, but Dr. Gordon has been searching for and treating the cause of my pain, rather than just masking the symptoms.  Although I have slowed down at the age of 52, I have been able to continue to ride bikes, kayak, and be fairly normal without suffering from the side effects of prescription drugs.  

Thank you, Dr. Gordon!*

About three years ago, I began to experience severe pains in my wrists, shoulders and neck.  My family physician determined that I had a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome and that surgery would be required to correct it.  He further prescribed expensive wrist braces and advised that I would have to seek another form of work.  My job, which I like very much, involves a lot of heavy lifting and hammering.

Not satisfied with any of these options, I began looking for alternatives.  I read an article in the newspaper about a doctor and his methods of treating carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery.  I began seeing Dr. Gordon in late 2001, and almost immediately found relief from the pains.

I did not have surgery, I tossed out the wrist braces and I have kept my job!  A periodic visit to Dr. Gordon for chiropractic adjustments to my neck and wrists has kept me on the job and relatively pain free throughout these past years.  I am truly thankful for Dr. Gordon and his expertise in caring for me.


To Dr. Gordon and Staff,

How can you, in a few words, tell a story of how great you think the doctor is, who literally saved your life?  I write this in hopes there will be people that read this, and know that with treatment, they too can be helped.

One morning I woke up gasping for every breath, unable to stand straight, unable to walk; the pain was so severe in my back that the nerves in my legs were jumping so much that you could see them with the naked eye!!  My ex-husband took me to Dr. Gordon's office (he was so young & handsome!); I remarked on this and he only smiled and assured me that I would be fine.

I was unable to straighten up for the x-ray, but Dr. Gordon took the x-rays; I was unable to get on the regular adjusting table for the adjustments, so Dr. Gordon, again very calmly and very in charge, moved me to a lower, more comfortable table.  He then began working his magic hands, every day for several weeks, telling me not to worry about straightening up, because it would take time.  He never stopped smiling and reassuring me.  He gave me some nutritional supplements to help promote the proper healing of the discs in my back.  It turns out that the fourth lumbar disc had bulged out in my lower back after I had fallen down.

I am now leading a nearly normal life, only having chiropractic adjustments once per month to keep my spine in good health.  I tell everyone who complains to me about any ailment, to go to see Dr. Gordon. I have recommended them for severe colds, shingles, carpal tunnel, and arthritis.

Anytime someone tells me they are in pain, I recommend that they go to Dr. Gordon's office.  I will never be able to compliment or testify enough to the help that is available at Dr. Gordon's office, if only you will call and ask for it.


I had two back surgeries in a two-month period around 6 years ago. It was after my operations when I met Jeremy. Jeremy has done a fantastic job of keeping me in great shape. Being in the farming business, physical labor every day is a necessity. I have been able to function at 100%. Jeremy has a fantastic yearly program that keeps me in excellent shape. Do yourself a favor and ask him about it. Being able to live a normal, pain-free life is a blessing, and Jeremy is the only person I have the confidence and trust in to keep me that way. Being able to hike 9 miles across the cliffs of Grandfather Mtn, which is the most rugged mountain in eastern America, is testimony of how my back is doing. Thanks Jeremy.


Dear Dr. Gordon,

It is a pleasure to write and tell you how much I appreciate your efforts to help me get well. When I first came to you, I had tremendous difficulty sitting for any length of time. The pain was too severe. After a full evaluation, you began a series of Chiropractic adjustments. You also showed me how to properly pick up anything, from a pen to a large box, without hurting myself.

Your treatments not only relieved my lower back pain, but your diagnosis and treatment of my neck pain has alleviated that condition well. You fixed me so well, that I haven't had to see you since September of 2003!!

I'm feeling great thanks to you, but I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I would run to you at the first hint of trouble.

Thank you, Dr. Gordon. You are wonderful!


I would like to share my story about Dr. Jeremy Gordon.

I started having difficulty with my back, legs, neck and arms last fall. The pain got progressively worse until my husband had to help me get dressed. I could not kneel or stoop. Since I was used to being active, it was very frustrating. Then to add to the problem, I was given the opportunity to spend two weeks in Africa with my granddaughter. The trip was a great opportunity, but physically how was I to do it? The trip wasn't till August, so I had some time. We went to a meeting in California in April. The therapist with whom I used to work for told me that I needed to find a good chiropractor. I was not thrilled with the idea and have had numerous negative experiences in the past. The negatives were both professional and personal. Like many women, when I got home I shared my problem with my hair stylist. She told me to call Dr. Gordon, which I did. I explained my problem and my hesitation and he listened. I started treatment on May 3, 2005, and when I left for my trip to Africa on August 8 I was functional. Everyone was shocked that not only could I keep up but they had trouble keeping up with me. Today, October 31, I spent about 4 hours working outside. We were weeding, planting, spreading compost and all those fun things one does in the fall. I was able to do it and had no residual problems. Dr. Gordon fixed my arms (I can dress myself), my knees (I can kneel and stoop), my neck and back. I am not perfect, but I am 67 not 17.

Thank you, Dr. Gordon and staff.*

I first went to Dr. Gordon 2 years ago after a fall off of my horse (actually it was numerous falls). But after this particular fall I had a pain going from the top of my leg all the way down. Also I had been having an intermittent sharp pain in my neck.

After a consultation with him I began treatment for 3 months. Although it was very inconvenient as I live a half-hour away and work full time, I kept with it for the full 3 months.  The results have been great. I feel so much better with no more pain. I go 1 time every 2 weeks now because I want to keep feeling good. The treatments have also greatly reduced the headaches I get daily.

I can continue doing the things I love - playing with my grandchildren and horseback riding.

Thanks, Dr. Gordon.*

I grew up in a home that did not believe in chiropractic care. No bone crunchers! Well, during the hurricanes of 2004, I decided to lift a locked garage door (no, I didn't know it was locked). It stopped and I kept going, Pain!! I couldn't walk, couldn't talk, and could barely breath. I needed help quickly! Dr. Gordon took me right in. His caring staff was wonderful! He was great! It took over 3 weeks to fix me. I still go back once a month to be treated. I even have my mother going to him for her knees. So much for our beliefs. I recommend his care to everyone! I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful doctor.*

To Dr. Gordon,

I have had severe back pain for many years. The pain has been so bad that I couldn't stand up right or even lie down flat. It was to the point where I could not work or even enjoy the sports that I regularly played. I have been to a few doctors who only fixed the pain and not the problem. The other doctors would prescribe high-dose painkillers and muscle relaxers, and unfortunately I would have no choice but to take them, only for the simple fact that I thought well, I guess this is now going to be my life. Until my friend Christine, who had been going to see Dr. Gordon for several months, convinced me to go see him. I finally went to Dr. Gordon's office and he put me on extensive chiropractic care. The very first day of treatment I noticed a difference. By the fourth day of treatment and the first day in many years, I was pain free and without narcotics to hinder my life. Thank you for giving me my life back.*

A friend of mine from church heard Dr. Antos, a chiropractor in Ormond Beach, on his radio program. She called and recommended I call him. He said, He didn't treat patients with Fibromyalgia." He gave my husband Dr. Gordon's phone number in Deland. We were given an appointment the next day. My husband and I were so impressed with his great knowledge of the human body and also his expertise in nutrition. He told me that he was sure he could help me. Fibromyalgia often leaves one exhausted with little energy and also leaves you with periods of hopelessness. I am so happy after 26 treatments along with vitamins; it's amazing how much better I feel! After exhausting pain for 4 years, I am now able to do household chores, and shopping, Yeah!! Thank you, Dr. Jeremy, so much for your caring and gentle healing. I am starting to live and enjoy life again.              

A very grateful,*

I had an accident about eight years ago, which left my neck and back in great pain. I had a chiropractor who would ease some of the pain but overall was not helping. With having treatments three times a week, I had resigned to the fact that I would always have pain. My husband insisted that I try Dr. Gordon, which I was reluctant as I was tired of going to the chiropractor's office. A couple of years ago, I came to Dr. Gordon's office somewhat nervous. I also let Dr. Gordon know how nervous I was to try another chiropractor. He was great in understanding my reluctance. I must say that after having Dr. Gordon's treatments, I quickly progressed to having treatment once a week. After several months, I was able to make monthly appointments. Dr. Gordon's office staff has been great to work me in for appointments when needed with minimal waiting. I find Dr. Gordon and his staff to be friendly, professional and very caring people. I trust Dr. Gordon completely with my treatments. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Gordon and staff.*

I have mild scoliosis, and have experienced intermittent sciatica pain for the last 20 years. I have been practicing Yoga for the past 12 years to help keep my spine flexible and open. My brother, who is a patient of Dr. Gordon's, gave me a free evaluation coupon. He was happy with his care and I had never been to a chiropractic doctor before. I decided to go. Being a registered nurse for 22 years, I have seen many people with chronic back pain issues. I was concerned because I certainly did not want anyone or thing creating further issues with my spine. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Gordon did a complete spinal X-ray. He then took time to explain what was going on with my spine and why I would have bouts of sciatic pain. He came up with a plan to help me keep my spinal vertebra open and aligned, and to prevent discomfort. What was even more surprising was that Dr. Gordon recommended a cold laser therapy program to speed healing in a shoulder joint that I had had pain in for the last 3 months. After 3 weeks of treatment my shoulder was much improved and my back felt much more open and aligned. And whenever I get sciatic pain I go in for an adjustment and get relief.

In Yoga they say that you are only as old as your spine is flexible. Now between my Yoga and Dr. Gordon's manipulations and adjustments, my spine has never felt better. I really enjoy his monthly newsletters too. Dr. Gordon comes highly recommended as a very caring and holistic chiropractic doctor who can help you maintain a high level of health and mobility.*

Hi, my name is Frank; I am writing this testimonial to let people know how Dr. Gordon helped me. In November of 2007, out of the blue, I woke up with the worst leg spasms I had ever felt. During the course of the day I had one more. I went to my family doctor and he gave me pills (Robaxen muscle relaxers). I came home, took the pills and had another spasm. I went to the ER and they took X-rays and gave me more pills. I came home and had two more spasms. I went to a nerve doctor who wanted to operate. On the way home I had a spasm while I was driving, I was scared. I saw Dr. Gordon's ad in the newspaper, and made an appointment. Dr. Gordon looked at my x-rays and said, You have a nerve caught in your spine. He put me on the table and adjusted my back. I went three times a week for about one month and no more spasms. He is treating both my knees with acupuncture (arthritis) bone on bone. The pain is less and getting better. Dr. Gordon is the best thing that happened to me. Thank you Dr. Gordon for being a part of my life.*


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